Internet Freedom IODA User Guide + Internet Shutdown Rapid Response Protocol

Internet Freedom IODA User Guide

The IODA team is excited to share our first Internet Freedom IODA User Guide.

IODA User Guide

The goal of this user guide is to provide the Internet Freedom Community, particularly less technical users, with a primer on how to use IODA to monitor connectivity and track Internet shutdowns. We start with a brief explanation of Internet connectivity and Internet shutdowns, continue with descriptions and illustrations of IODA's measurements, and end with the Internet Shutdown Protocol.

These guides were designed for in-person and offline training; however, we have multiple versions that allow for both print and digital dissemination. So please, print them, message them, and share them widely!

The guides can be found on our Help Page or accessed via the links below:

Internet Shutdown Rapid Response Protocol

The goal of the IODA Rapid Response Protocol is to provide our community with a unified approach to tracking shutdowns. By documenting the steps taken and relevant actors necessary for monitoring a shutdown, we hope for greater effectiveness and completeness in tracking and responding to shutdowns. When everyone knows their role and the steps to take, we can work in greater concert and collaboration. We believe this protocol to be a living document that should be revisited, revised, and expanded. We hope for more opportunities to share this protocol and work together with the Internet Freedom community for further feedback and revision.

Internet Shutdown Rapid Response Protocol

Please reach out to us ( to further discuss the guide and/or Internet Shutdown Rapid Response Protocol!

We would like to recognize the amazing dedication and work of our graduate students from the Human-Computer Interaction program at Georgia Tech who have contributed to designing the user guide. Rachel Baker-Ramos led the user guide design work. Her effort was informed by our lead UX Researcher, Leah Cho. We are lucky to have them! We are also grateful for the contributions from additional IODA Team members: Madeline Jones, Amanda Meng, Alberto Dainotti, Zach Bischof, and Shane Alcock.